Parenting Evaluations
The purpose of the Center for Psychological Services is to provide the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas with a centralized location offering a diverse collection of experienced and highly trained mental health professionals who offer high levels of psychotherapeutic expertise, thorough accurate and timely psychological testing, and court-related forensic and parenting evaluations. In this way, the Center for Psychological Services endeavors to assist individuals, families and couples in attaining meaningful positive change.
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Parenting Evaluations

Custody disputes can be complicated, especially within the context of high-conflict family dissolution’s. Dr. Cole conducts a comprehensive family/child custody assessment that follows a protocol designed to protect children and families, while at the same time helps the court to quickly and efficiently identify the crucial issues that directly affect the best interests of the child by balancing the legal and clinical issues that comprise family evaluations. Dr. Cole’s specialized knowledge reduces the risk of unnecessary emotional trauma potentially experienced by all family members. Dr. Cole’s assessments contain psychological testing and the application of scientific evidence, and provide expert witness testimony that may prove useful in diminishing the cost and extent of court proceedings.

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